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With Gimeau we set the new standard for all nail-care lovers. With our wide range of nail art prints or classic tints we're here for you, for him, for her, for them! We empower you to create your own nail salon at home with our high quality tools.

Nail art should be fun, simple and allow you a way to express yourself. Want plain nails? We've got you. Want to spice it up? No problem! You want to add a sparkle to your daily-life? We hear you. Want crazy patterns to stand out in the crowd? Let's go! You want to mix it up your way? Go be a trendsetter! We bring the nail salon experience to your house! Create your gimeament, just the way you want. Anytime, any where!

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Joy & Quality

At Gimeau, we’re passionate about bringing joy to you, by making you feel confident and stylish with our bold prints and classic tints. We believe that nail art is a simple way to boost your mood while expressing yourself and elevating your style. This is why we offer a more accessible and convenient alternative to salon manicures.

By offering a full experience nail salon at home we give you the freedom to decide where, when and with who you want to get your nails done. These tools will help you to get your through daily-life, shiny and sparkly. Gimeau is easy to apply and easy to remove. We listen and hear, we feel and see, our designs speak to everyone. Creatively express yourself.

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