How To Use

What do you need?

Gimeau Gel Nail stickers

Alcohol Pad

Wooden stick

Nail file

Scissors or nail clipper

UV LED lamp

Top Coat

Step By Step

1. Clean roots with alchol pad and let them dry.

2. Smooth your nail with the nail file.

3. Choose a smaller sticker than your nail.

4. Peel of the clear protective film. Avoid touching the sticky side.

5. Place on your fingernail gently and press firmly on all sides.

6. Use the wooden stick to press on all edges to avoid lifting.

7. Remove the excess by using a nail file or nail scissors.

8. Cure under the UV/LED light for 60 seconds.

9. File the nail to shape.

10. Apply Top Coat. Re-apply weekly for better results.

11. Cure again for 60 seconds.


To make sure you have long-lasting Gimeau gel nail stickers we advise to re-apply the top coat weekly.

How to remove

What do you need?

Wooden stick

Gimeau Remover Serum

Step By Step

TIP: Make sure to use a surface with a towel or paper towel underneath.

1. Drop the remover serum off the edge of your nails.

2. Use the wooden stick to lift nail wraps of your nails

3. Clean your nails with cotton pad.